Special investigative unit in the pipeline – ACP Ramnarine

first_imgThe Guyana Police Force (GPF) is currently in the planning phase of a special investigative unit.The unit is to consist of trained and skilled investigators that will be solely entrusted with the responsibility of investigating issues that have to do with juvenile offences, domestic violence, sexual offences and the trafficking of persons.Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) David Ramnarine explained to Guyana Times at the launch of a travelling exhibition to create awareness of child abuse, that the GPF has a critical and important role to play in addressing major concerns regarding “the most important human resource, the children, who are ‘the wave of the future’”.The Police Force some years ago started the process of creating the unit but this was not realised. Ramnarine stated that the process that has now restarted will see the realisation of such.“We will continue at all costs, the process of ensuring that children in Guyana are given the necessary treatment, are given the necessary responses and are given the necessary attention in terms of what is available in the justice system,” ACP Ramnarine said.The Assistant Commissioner of Police explained that the investigators will receive special training, noting that there is a wide cross section of members of the Force, through the rank and file, who have been benefiting and will continue to benefit from specialised training.There was a unit at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters, Eve Leary, that help responsibility of dealing with child sexual abuse related issues.However, there will now be a unit in each of the seven geographical divisions of the Force. “Not only at the headquarters but at the sub divisional levels, a special unit that will address the key issues that have to do with child abuse, etc,” said Ramnarine.According to the APC, “the Guyana Police Force hopes to bring about the education and edification that is vital to ensuring that our children live happier and healthier lives.”last_img