Apple must run Samsung apology ads in the UK

first_imgLike sands through the hourglass, these are the days of Apple v. Samsung. The latest installment in the epic soap opera comes from the UK, where a High Court judge has denied an appeal attempt by Apple.Appeal against what, precisely? In a previous case this summer, another court found that Samsung hadn’t infringed upon Apple’s designs. Famously, presiding judge Colin Birss declared that Samsung’s tablets were “not as cool” (the kind of objectivity you expect from the court), and that the “overall impression produced is different.”Apple, of course, was arguing that Samsung’s designs were confusing consumers and hurting its brand. Following Judge Birss’ ruling, the court ordered Apple to apologize publicly to Samsung for all the hassle.That didn’t sit well with Apple’s legal team, obviously, and the appeal process was launched. Now that the appeal process has wrapped up, Apple faces the same reality. It will indeed have to run apologetic ads in high-profile UK publications like the Daily Mail, Financial Times, and T3  Magazine, and will also have to post something on its UK website.Apple won’t have to alter things too much, however. Rather than adding the notice or a snippet on its landing page, Apple will only be required to add a link to the apology and ruling and leave it in place for one month.This surely won’t be the last time Apple and Samsung lock horns in the UK, but here’s hoping that this time spent doing a Bart Simpson and writing things repeatedly on the chalkboard like a bad little schoolboy will give everyone time to think about what they’ve done.More at BBClast_img read more

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