Rockstar Games officially announces GTA V

first_imgWhat every gamer expected has finally happened: Rockstar Games has officially announced Grand Theft Auto V today.By officially announced I mean they have confirmed its existence and released the logo design as can be seen above. Beyond that there are no details about the actual game.The announcement was made via the RockstarGames Twitter account, which just included the #GTAV tag and a link to the main website. Visiting the site presents you with the fullscreen logo.We won’t have to wait long to see the game in action, though. Rockstar also confirmed that the first trailer will appear on November 2nd. Even if it just shows story elements we should get a good idea of what the game looks like as GTA always uses the in-game visuals for cutscenes as far as I can remember.It’s been quite the wait for this game. GTA IV was released on April 29th 2008, marking a full three and a half years of GTA V being in development. Based on the size of the games you can understand why it takes so long, especially with the visual quality everyone expects on both consoles and PC now.Can we guess at a release date? Maybe Rockstar is looking to take advantage of the quiet summer months next year, or maybe they’ll swing a surprise and launch in the January slump following the pre-Christmas rush.Either way, it’s guaranteed to sell millions of copies on every format and will probably yet again see PC gamers have to endure months of waiting while PS3 and 360 owners enjoy playing the game.More at Rockstar Gameslast_img read more

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