Vivox Brings Real Voice Chat To Nintendo Switch

first_imgStay on target Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)’Astral Chain’ and Other Dumb Nintendo Songs When Fortnite launched on Nintendo Switch last summer it did more than just bring 2018’s most popular video game to 2018’s most successful video game console. It also fixed one of the system’s most annoying issues like it was nothing. When playing a battle royale in a team, communication with your team is key. So while other Switch games force players to use that dumb mobile app for voice chat, Fortnite just let you plug in a normal headset like you would with anything else.We figured it was Fortnite’s sheer power that allowed the game to circumvent Nintendo’s weird rules like this. You don’t even need to pay for Switch online to play Fortnite. But now the technology that gave Fortnite real voice chat on Nintendo Switch is coming to other Switch games as well.Fortnite’s voice chat on Switch was powered by Vivox, a gaming voice chat provider now owned by Switch-friendly engine company Unity. And previously the tech was just limited to that famous flossing simulator. But now that it has been proven successful, Vivox is opening up the SDK and allowing any Switch developer to give their games convenient voice chat options people actually use.And developers are already getting onboard. Hi-Rez Studio will soon update two of its multiplayer Switch games, Smite and Paladins, with these new voice chat features. Smite is a MOBA and Paladins is basically Overwatch, so both games will benefit greatly from improved team communication. I imagine this upcoming GDC will be another opportunity for developers to learn more, especially considering how eager developers were to get on Switch last year. And just in time for Xbox Live on Switch, too.Heck, if Nintendo could just get over themselves, I’d love to see Vivox’s voice chat in first-party games, too. Splatoon 2 already has secret headset support in LAN mode, let everyone use that. It’s dumb how often I’m speaking into my phone to talk to friends while playing Smash Bros. We can do better, we have the technology.For more on Nintendo Switch here are some cool 2019 games to play right now and check out our complete guide of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters.last_img read more

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