The return project in Madrid “is non-existent” now

first_imgThe coaching staff still wants to rush all the possibilities, develop various scenarios in which, as the employers want in most of the world’s leagues, the championships can be finished even if it is in the month of August. Zidane elaborated a series of scenarios, at the beginning of the crisis for that return to work. But little by little, with the passing of the days and the news of the contagions and the number of deceased increasing, the possibilities have been diluted to nothing. Today the pessimism of the white entity for a return to normality this season is absolute. It is very difficult to return not only to competition, but also to group activity. Something similar to what Borussia Dortmund has done, who has returned to training in a phased manner and in pairs, is seen as almost impossible.“The project to return to today is non-existent,” a qualified voice from the entity, who is also forceful, tells this newspaper: “You will not play soccer until there is an effective treatment or a vaccine.” It is, as it transpires, the general feeling of the clubs that met with Thebes last Monday. But LaLiga continues to want to exhaust the possibilities of playing until it is impossible not to. The livelihood of the industry largely depends on it. Or at least as we know it today. But with regard to Real Madrid, if several return projects were kept alive before, these have been almost completely blurred to this day. And some doubts arise: What will happen if the championship resumes, for example, and a positive is detected in some team and it must be quarantined? That would be enough to stop it again. And that regarding the domestic championship. When it comes to European competitions, it is even more negative for a return or to end the season. It would be logical to think that, as China has done, countries safeguard their borders by quarantining anyone who wants to enter the country in a hotel until they find that it is negative in the virus to prevent a new outbreak. “The abatement is total,” concludes this source to AS to describe the situation. And Zidane is already thinking about the next exercise …last_img read more

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