uBlock Origin Extra extension for Chrome

first_imguBlock Origin Extra extension for Chrome by Martin Brinkmann on January 23, 2017 in Google Chrome – 11 commentsThe Google Chrome extension uBlock Origin Extra adds anti-content blocking capabilities to the popular uBlock Origin extension for Chrome.uBlock Origin is probably the best content blocker for the Google Chrome web browser at this point in time.The extension is updated regularly, and very powerful when it comes to content blocking thanks to options to add your own rules, and to download rules using various lists.The rise of ad-blocking makes the advertisement driven business model less viable with every passing month. Companies began exploring options, from hiding content behind paywalls, asking for donations or subscriptions, to earning money through native advertisement.Another option that more and more companies seem to consider is to implement anti-ad-blocking technologies. Designed to either block access if ad-blockers are detected, or to display ads to users even if ad-blockers are used.uBlock Origin ExtraThe Chrome extension uBlock Origin Extra is a companion application for uBlock Origin. It is designed to add capabilities to work around anti-blocking technologies. It does nothing when installed as a standalone extension, but improves uBlock Origin’s capabilities when it is also installed in Chrome.It adds an icon to the Chrome toolbar, but the icon has no real function. You can hide it to the menu. There are not any options either, it runs automatically without need to configure anything.The extension provides uBlock Origin with information on WebSocket connection attempts. These can be filtered, and they are also logged.Another method that is used by sites is to use the WebRTC API to bypass content blockers. Recent versions of uBlock Origin Extra block these sites from using WebRTC for that purpose.You can check manually if sites use WebRTC by loading chrome://webrtc-internals/.The third and final option that it adds is that it deals with Instart Logic code running on websites. According to gorhill, the creator of ublock, the technology disguises third-party network requests as first party requests.Closing WordsSo should you install uBlock Origin Extra besides uBlock Origin? It depends. If you run into sites that implement anti-ad-blocking technologies that don’t go away when you install the  anti-adblock killer and adblock warning removal list, then you may give it a try as it may remove ads that are still displayed then in the browser.As always, please consider supporting sites that you visit regularly either by disabling the ad-blocker, or by helping out in other ways. Check out our support page for additional information.Summary12345 Author Rating4.5 based on 23 votes Software Name uBlock Origin ExtraSoftware Category BrowserLanding Page https://github.com/gorhill/uBO-Extra Advertisementlast_img read more

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