Frozen yogurt heats up again

first_imgMiriah Mallory might be tempted to blame pregnancy for her frozen yogurt craving. But Mallory, 24, discovered frozen yogurt during a visit to southern California about one and a half years ago, long before she became pregnant.“There’s something about the texture and taste,” the Vancouver resident said, standing at the register of Yo 2 Go, a frozen yogurt shop in Vancouver’s Salmon Creek area that opened this summer.Texture and taste that are closer to ice cream than the frozen yogurts of the past are selling points to a growing number of customers in Vancouver and nationally. So is the self-service system embraced by the new wave of yogurt shops that appeal to the wide difference in customer taste buds and appetites.Mallory had built her own concoction, choosing from a bank of flavored frozen yogurt that dispenses like soft-serve ice cream, and then dishing up the toppings and syrups and finishing it off with a request for whipped cream on top. That’s the standard for frozen yogurt these days: Serve yourself, make your own sundae concoction and pay by weight at a register. The set-up gives customers control over portion size and extras.“If I only want two bites, I’m only paying for two bites,” said Christine Borquez, assistant manager of Yo Licious in Hazel Dell. It’s one of two Yo Licious locations in Clark County, with the other in Orchards.last_img read more

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