Heres a Closer Look at the Nike Kyrie 5 SpongeBob Pack

first_imgStay on target Sneakers? They’re pretty cool if we’re being honest. A flashy pair of kicks is a great way to take an outfit from good to great (or as is so often the case for me, make a t-shirt and pair of jeans look cooler than it actually is). That said, it’s an expensive habit and oftentimes an intimidating world to dive into for the first time. The whole crew digs a good pair of sneakers, but if there’s one thing we understand it’s that getting into the world of sneakers can seem like an uphill battle.That’s why a great pop culture collab is so vital — oftentimes it’s the thing that can get a new fan to buy their first flashy pair of sneakers. One such opportunity is coming up this weekend with the SpongeBob Pack by Nike x Nickelodeon. The drop consists of five of NBA superstar Kyrie Irving’s signature shoes (three Kyrie 5s and two Kyrie 2 Lows) in colorways representing five SpongeBob characters (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy).The rollout for these shoes has been much-anticipated. From the first rumors of the pack (well, “rumors” feels like an understatement as it was more Kyrie himself saying that he had some SpongeBob shoes coming out) to the killer PR rollout Nike has organized for the shoes, they’ve managed to turn what could easily be a joke of a release into perhaps the single most anticipated sneaker drop of the summer that doesn’t involve Travis Scott.This week I got a chance to check out some of the shoes for myself thanks to the crew at Nike NYC —specifically, the SpongeBob and Squidward Kyrie 5s. With this drop seeming like such an opportune moment to get the Geek universe stoked on sneakers (and with many of y’all likely anticipating the drop yourselves) we figured it’s a great chance to give you all a closer look at the Nike Spongebob Pack.The Kyrie 5Alright, so the Kyrie 5 isn’t a new sneaker by any means (it dropped Fall ‘18) but there’s still a good chance people will be checking the shoe out for the first time with the SpongeBob release. As such, we’re first going to take a look at the shoe itself, which happens to rule.Nike Kyrie 5 ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ (Photo Credit: Nike)Seriously, the Kyrie 5 might not have the cutting-edge tech of the Nike Adapt BB (then again, very little does) and it might not have the name recognition of the LeBron 16 or the latest Air Jordan, but it’s been the highlight of Nike’s basketball sneaker line for the last year. I’m usually super curious to see NBA players’ new sneakers every basketball season but this is the rare case where I’m actively dreading Irving switching up his shoe game when the Kyrie 6 comes around. I’m sure the sneaker will be dope, don’t get me wrong, but the 5 is pretty perfect in a multitude of ways.For starters, it’s incredibly well-designed and constructed. The Kyrie 5 is a sturdy mid-cut sneaker with a solid sole — anybody wanting to learn a little bit more about just how much thought goes into the patented Air Zoom tech the shoe utilizes can read up on it here. That sole also features a prominent curve, which I’m sure is super useful on the basketball court but helps a ton in real life as well. I almost always keep a pair of Kyrie 5s on hand on days I spend in Manhattan or at comic conventions — those times when I know I’ll be on my feet and moving constantly. It’s saved me a lot of sore legs over the last year without the sometimes-painful adjustment process that can come with arch supports or super-structured running shoes.Nike Kyrie 5 ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ (Photo Credit: Nike)The silhouette is the most eye-catching in Nike’s current basketball lineup and if you’ve seen the pictures above you probably already know why. The “Flytrap” device that threads the shoe’s laces serves both technical and aesthetic purposes. From a practicality standpoint it assists in forming the shoe’s upper to your foot. From an aesthetic one, it’s super weird, but in the best way. It’s an eye-catching touch for sure and one that may need a minute to grow on you (I know it did for me). But once it does, you’re gonna hate to wear a pair of shoes without it.There’s one more detail that may be the most crucial, especially if you’re new to buying sneakers. The Kyrie 5 is a performance shoe designed for basketball, and specifically to fit Kyrie Irving’s specifications. As such, it features a narrow upper and an ankle with some pretty thick padding. If you plan on buying one of the Kyrie 5s in this SpongeBob drop (or any Kyrie 5, really) plan on buying a half-size up. There are few worse feelings in sneaker collecting than looking forward to a pair of shoes arriving in the mail only to discover that they don’t fit.Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Squidward Tentacles’ (Photo Credit: Nike)The SpongeBob and SquidwardMy girlfriend is a crazy talented artist (I’m going somewhere with this, I swear) and much of her work revolves around color. She’s got a really incredible eye for it, sometimes to the point that she’ll show me two versions of a piece she’s working on, asking my opinion as to which color looks better, and I’ll hardly be able to notice a difference.I say all of this only to put into context that when I took the SpongeBob and Squidward Kyrie 5s out of the box and my girlfriend immediately said, “Wow, they really nailed those colors” she knows what she’s talking about. And she’s not wrong. It’s one thing to see a promotional image of a shoe look good but seeing these kicks in person it’s truly wild just how true to the character’s color palettes they are. The Squidwards aren’t just teal, they are specifically Squidward Q. Tentacles teal — if you don’t believe me, hold them up to your TV next time the show is on and see for yourself.Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Squidward Tentacles’ (Photo Credit: Nike)Similarly, it’s one thing to see some of the details profiled in the promotional imagery and another thing entirely to see them in person. For the most part, these exceed what the advertising has promised. You don’t quite realize just how tailored the colorways are until you see them in person. The SpongeBobs in particular are so incredibly tailored to the character’s design, from the sponge holes speckled throughout the upper to the way the shoe’s lower mimics the character’s outfit. That includes one of the more impressive twists, actually — the midsole incorporates white and red to pay homage to the character’s shirt and tie but the lower utilizes a classic brown gum material. It might not be the same shade as the nominal square pants but it conveys the message while also drawing on a classic staple of sneaker construction.The details promised are all present, from the characters’ faces on the shoe’s insole to the excellent inner-tongue details — the left shoe displays the character’s “signature” while the right shoe has a bit of their iconography. Squidward’s rocks a clarinet while SpongeBob’s has his classic Krusty Krab hat. A particular detail I’m finding pretty endearing is the thought that’s gone into what each signature looks like. SpongeBob’s is pretty clear print but Squidward’s is a big, gaudy, self-important cursive that actually made me laugh out loud.Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Squidward Tentacles’ (Photo Credit: Nike)Most Kyrie 5s feature a triangle design on the heel harkening back to the Illuminati/conspiracy theory lore the dude loves (no, seriously) but these shoes have foregone it in favor of a Nike logo done up in a recognizable SpongeBob font (speaking of which, the Kyrie KI logo on the outside of the tongues of his shoes has been Bikini Bottom-ized as well). SpongeBob’s is in a, appropriately spongy knit while Squidward’s is a sheeny rubber.There are a couple of downsides, one being that the sponge speckles on the SpongeBob colorway aren’t printed into the material. They’re individual rubber dots glued to the shoe. Nike certainly doesn’t skimp when it comes to putting together a shoe that will last but I’m curious to see how long those dots hold up in the long run. Additionally, the tongues feature the Nickelodeon logo in its classic orange. While it’s a small touch, it definitely clashes with the overall color schemes just a little bit. Not a shoe-ruiner by any means, but it’s an undeniable blemish.Nike Kyrie 5 ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ (Photo Credit: Nike)The VerdictOutside of its design, what’s always drawn me to the Kyrie 5 is that Irving seems to have gone out of his way to make it an accessible shoe. He’s not opposed to weird, bright designs or pop culture collaborations, not only because they’re extensions of his notorious eccentricity but because they make sneakers feel more accessible to kids and adults alike who may not have considered buying a pair before.Irving is also a stickler for keeping the price point down — the SpongeBob shoes all run around $130, which is a pretty far cry from the LeBron 16 or the latest pair of Air Jordans. Sneakers are an expensive habit if you get into them in a big way but Kyrie keeping his price points down is a refreshing change and helps open up the culture to new fans in a big way.Given the stellar quality and attention to detail, I can’t recommend the SpongeBob pack enough. It’s a great first shoe and a great addition to any already-thriving collection. Don’t miss out when they drop on the Nike SNKRS app on August 10 at 10 a.m. ET.Find out more about the Nike Kyrie 5 SpongeBob Pack at on Nike Sneaker Is Inspired by ‘Coming to America’Nike x ‘Stranger Things’ Collection Goes Back to the Summer of ’85Nike’s Newest Air Max 97 Is Inspired by Nintendo 64 Nike x ‘Stranger Things’ Is Back With an Upside Down-Inspire…Nike’s Joyride Sole Is a Fascinating Sneaker Innovation last_img read more

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