Is this the world’s most technologically advanced luggage?

first_img The Best Valet Trays for Keeping Your Stuff Together Every day sees the launch of a new Kickstarter product that solves a problem you didn’t even know you had. Now, even the lowly suitcase is getting a series of high-tech upgrades. In little more than a hundred years, they’ve evolved from bulky steamer trunks to ultra-lightweight, web-connected carry-ons that communicate with your smartphone. Newcomer Raden recently released a pair of stunning suitcases that hint at the future of modern luggage tech. How to Pack a Dopp Kit (aka Toiletry Bag) for When You Won’t be Sleeping at Home Editors’ Recommendations Behold the World’s Most Adventure-Ready Electric Motorcycle center_img Launched in March 2016, the company’s current line consists of two products: The A22 Carry and The A28 Check. The former features a TSA-approved, 22-inch carry-on form factor while the latter offers 28 inches of vertical space that’s designed to be (not surprisingly) checked. Both are available in eight chic colors ranging from flat black to cornflower blue to pink with a stealth, featureless exterior that smacks of Scandinavian minimalism. The shell is constructed of a lightweight, water-resistant polycarbonate that glides effortlessly on zero-weight Japanese wheels. All of which is to say: the bags look and move great.Related: G-RO: The Carry-on Bag of the FutureBut the real win for travelers is what’s on the inside. Both bags feature almost every modern technological convenience – the data from which is communicated to the owner through a mobile app. The ergonomic top handle doubles as a weight sensor, minimizing overweight checked bag surprises. A built-in 7,800mAh battery provides up to four full smartphone charges via dual USB ports. The bags also utilize Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) technology to establish proximity awareness and prevent theft or loss. A simple glance at the app provides instant updates with the distance between the bag and its owner.The app also makes use of practical, publicly available data that integrates nicely with the luggage’s features. For example, by letting the app know which airline you’re flying, it will use the built-in scale to signal when your bag is overweight. The app provides pertinent airport info like security checkpoint wait times, flight delays, and weather. Public transportation options, including direct Uber booking, are also available. While this information is available elsewhere – online and in other mobile apps – the ability to tie everything in directly to your luggage opens the door for a boatload of slick integrated functionality.In short: if Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report had a suitcase, it would likely be a Raden.Pricing + AvailabilityThe A22 Carry is available for $295; the A28 Check is priced at $395. Or buy the pair for $595. Learn Guitar (and Don’t Give Up) With the Fender Play App The MNML Leather Highlander Travel Bag Makes Short-Term Trips a Breeze last_img read more

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