Badr Hari’s Ex-Partner Estelle Cruyff Allegedly Converts to Islam

Rabat – Estelle Cruyff, Badr Hari’s ex-partner has reportedly converted to Islam, according to Moroccan news outlet Alyaoum24 in its weekend edition.According to the same source, the 37-year old Dutch woman made shahada, or the Islamic declaration of faith affirming the oneness of God and the acceptance of Muhammad as His prophet, during the funeral of the Moroccan kickboxing champion’s sister in Kenitra.Estelle Cruyff, who is the niece of Dutch football legend, Johan Cruyff, had been married with another Dutch football legend, Ruud ­Gullit. They split in 2012. Badri Hari’s sister died earlier this week in the Netherlands after a prolonged illness. Though Cruyff split up with Hari a year ago, she attended the funeral because she was friends with his sister, sources acquainted with the subject in the Netherlands told Morocco World News.The Moroccan super heavyweight champion announced the death of his sister via Instagram on Tuesday.“Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return. My dearest and most beautiful sister has returned to Allah, may Allah forgive her and grant her the highest Paradise, Jennat Al Firdaus,” Hari wrote in English and Arabic mourning the death of his sister. read more

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