BUGOJNO 2016 Three Balkan teams and Poland for the trophy

Bugojno handballHandball is my future ← Previous Story Women’s EHF FINAL4: Budućnost and Gyor for the final! Next Story → MVM Veszprem win Hungarian Cup Croatia VS Serbia and Slovenia VS Poland will play at the semi-final of the fourth “Handball is my future” tournament for generation 1998 in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.GROUP A:Poland    – Macedonia 24:20Qatar    –     Croatia 11:32STANDINGS:Croatia 5Poland 5Macedonia 2Qatar 0GROUP B:Slovenia – AustriaBiH        –     Serbia 32:32Austria –    BiH 29:29Slovenia – Serbia 32:25STANDINGS:Slovenia 6Serbia 3BIH 2Austria 1SATURDAY  16. 04 . 201610,00        BIH – QATAR11,45        Austria – Macedonia13,30        Qatar – Slovenia ( 2000 )17,00        Slovenia – Poland19,00        Serbia – Croatia read more

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