Video: Hugh Freeze Held The Most Bizarre Press Conference Of Week 1

first_img Instead, he was beamed into the press room from the bed.Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze with a different style of press conference tonight. He coached from a hospital bed in a coaches booth due to a back injury which he says he’ll have more of an update on in a few days.Freeze on how he coached from the booth tonight:— Josh Schafer (@Schafer_44) September 1, 2019Considering a Liberty football staffer admitted that having Hugh Freeze in the stadium probably isn’t helping his recovery, you would hope that he and the program would be focused on his recovery early in the season.Instead, he reportedly plans to make the road trip to Liberty’s Week 2 game against Louisiana-Lafayette.Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze will work from a hospital bed in the coach’s booth tonight, per LU Athletics.Freeze’s staph infection is gone, but he’s only two weeks into a 4-6 week recovery from surgery. He’s most comfortable when reclined and plans to fly to ULL next week.— Stephen Bailey (@Stephen_Bailey1) August 31, 2019In some ways, his dedication to the team is admirable, but you have to wonder if this is all being handled the right way. Hugh Freeze delivers his post-game press conference from his bed after Syracuse beat Liberty.TwitterThose who tuned into No. 22 Syracuse’s game on the road at Liberty on ESPN+ were treated to maybe the most bizarre secondary storyline of the young college football season, with Hugh Freeze coaching from a bed in the coaches box.Just two weeks before his first game as head coach at Liberty, Freeze came down with a life-threatening staph infection. Luckily, he is on the mend, but he still has weeks left in his recovery.Rather than miss the game completely, Freeze went with what can only be described as a unique coaching situation, as he watched the game laying on his back. He could not make his way to the locker room at any point, so he only had a few opportunities to talk to his team at all.Behind a dominant defensive line performance, Syracuse won the game 24-0. Obviously, Freeze could not deliver a typical post-game press conference.last_img read more

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