Laurent Fabius to visit Morocco ‘soon’

San Francisco – After nearly a year since the beginning of an unprecedented crisis between Paris and Rabat, the head of French diplomacy Laurent Fabius said on Thursday that he would “soon” go to Morocco to try to restore judicial and security cooperation with the Moroccan government in light of the latest terrorist threat France is facing.“I intend to go in person soon to this country, which, I repeat, is the friend of France” Fabius said before to the French senate.The question that analysts are asking is: Does it take a terrorist attack on France, in order for Fabius and Holland to realize Morocco’s value? Speaking to Jeune Afrique magazine, Morocco’s chief diplomat condemned the “lack of desire” from the French side to overcome the diplomatic crisis between Rabat and Paris.It now appears that Fabius has every intention to overcome the bilateral crisis in the relation between Rabat and Paris, due last week’s terrorist attacks and the pressure from French officials who appreciate Morocco’s role in fighting terrorism. In an interview on RTL on Tuesday, Nicolas Sarkozy called for the restoration of relations between Morocco and France. read more

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