Three Men Arrested in Casablanca for Counterfeit Money

Rabat – Judicial police in Casablanca arrested three men accused of attempting to sell counterfeit banknotes of MAD 200.The three forgers were detained this week in Casablanca by the members of the judicial police, according to Le360 news website.Members of a large network producing false banknotes with sophisticated computer equipment, the three men were arrested and police conducted detailed searches inside their homes where they confiscated a total of MAD 59,000 in MAD 200 banknotes. According to the same source, the thugs were detained in different locations. The leader was arrested in Sefrou, central Morocco in the Fez-Bouleman region.A second criminal was arrested in Fez and the third one was caught red-handed trying to exchange his faux MAD 200-bill at a store in the Al Mustaqbal neighborhood in Casablanca.The three men remain in custody of the police in Casablanca pending the outcome of an investigation conducted by the Prosecutor General.A large number of counterfeit banknotes has been circulating in Morocco’s major cities. Last October, merchants and nightclub owners denounced a “massive flow” of fake money received from customers.Fraudulent bills have been largely circulating in the Derb Omar neighborhood in Casablanca, according to several business managers, gas station operators and local residents, cited by Moroccan daily Al Massae. read more

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